Nokia 1110 and Nokia 1600

Nokia announced their 1600 and 1110 models, meant to be affordable, easy-to-use and light on frills. Nokia is targeting developing nations with these models and they look well enough to suit their purpose as part of a plan to eventually offer mobile service for just $5 a month. They both feature talk times of over 5… » 6/03/05 7:59am 6/03/05 7:59am

Windowed, Lighted Monitor Mod

This is pretty hot: TwistedMods has a HowTo that shows you the coolest way to void whatever warranty remains on your CRT monitor by adding a window and lights. They're quick to note that this mod significantly reduces the ventilation capabilities and thus potentially the lifespan of your monitor, and suggest… » 6/03/05 7:46am 6/03/05 7:46am

AcousticBlue Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Pirelli announced last month their X-Pressure AcousticBlue tire pressure monitoring system. In addition to the new X-Pressure Optic system (which indicates problems by the color of its valve stem), the AcousticBlue can send warnings to your Bluetooth mobile phone that are presumably helpful. A Bluetooth warning is… » 6/03/05 7:18am 6/03/05 7:18am

Luxpro shuffle Clone Reviewed (Verdict: Surprisingly Nice)

MAKE has a quick review on Luxpro's now notorious Super Tangent iPod shuffle clone. We mentioned a few days ago that these were popping up on eBay, so it's nice to see an first-hand account. MAKE's overall impression is that the Tangent works as promised, including a nicely executed FM receiver and surprisingly decent… » 6/01/05 7:46am 6/01/05 7:46am

Oakley Thump Sunglasses Go 512MB

If either price or lack of capacity were the only things holding you back from picking up a pair of Oakley Thump MP3-playing sunglasses, we'd like to have a word with you regarding style and common sense. Still, you may be interested to know that Oakley has assembled their best and brightest to deliver a 512MB version… » 6/01/05 7:33am 6/01/05 7:33am

Water-Powered Clock

ThinkGeek offers up a nifty little clock, powered solely by water. Using electrolysis or some other polysyllabic term, the clock can run for weeks with nary a refill. It will also run off of any electrolytic fluid so if you want to get a little creative, you're more than free to (hopefully with respect to the… » 6/01/05 7:15am 6/01/05 7:15am

iPod photo To Get Tetris? whispers that the iPod photo will soon be able to run Tetris. In addition to the quintessential block-dropping classic, Apple apparently also intends to add transition effects (think "fade" and "mosaic") to the photo's slideshow utility. Rumor continues to have it that it'll be available sometime this… » 6/01/05 7:04am 6/01/05 7:04am

RFID-Blocking Paper

Toppan Printing has developed a paper that can prevent the data maintained on RFID cards from being read by unauthorized readers. Essentially a tin-foil hat for your RFID cards, the paper has a very thin layer of metal inside (the paper being only about 0.2mm thick) which effectively blocks any RFID read attempts on… » 5/31/05 10:10am 5/31/05 10:10am

Media-Sensitive Glasses

Limor Fried has developed a pair of Media-Sensitive Glasses as part of her Social Defense Mechanisms thesis which darken when a television is visible, preventing the need for therapy inevitably required after too many hours of watching G4 or the Food Network. The glasses can also be configured to darken based on how… » 5/31/05 10:05am 5/31/05 10:05am

Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe Reviewed (Verdict: Good)

EverythingUSB reviews the diminuitive, yet practical Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe webcam. The QuickCam uses a spring-loaded clip to attach to your notebook's LCD and fits pretty well across most display sizes, they say. The setup process was easy and painless and the built-in mic is recognized as a USB… » 5/31/05 9:27am 5/31/05 9:27am

Cassette Tape iPod Case

For the cassette-craving hipster in you that still requires 30,000 songs at their disposal, shows off the "rock it!" iPod case. Also available in a similarly retro boombox pattern, the case features a suede interior and retails for $36. Plenty of double-takes are guaranteed, but will they be from people… » 5/31/05 8:58am 5/31/05 8:58am

Cingular Includes GoodLink Push-Email

Cingular announced that they'll be providing Good Technology's GoodLink push-email software as a direct competitor to the Blackberry regime. Both the Treo 650 and Siemens SX66 are compatible with GoodLink and offered by Cingular. GoodLink will be included in Cingular's unlimited data option for $45/month, and should… » 5/31/05 8:51am 5/31/05 8:51am

Xbox 360 Embedded OS Speculation

This is a bit old, but it's probably worth mentioning, since it will affect the 'hackability' of the next Xbox. Windows For Devices has speculated on the nature of the operating system behind the Xbox 360. Their source claims that the 360's OS is a highly modified form of the original Xbox OS which, in turn, is a… » 5/31/05 8:42am 5/31/05 8:42am

Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock

For those times when you need to drop a not-so-subtle hint regarding your significant other's snacking habits, consider the Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock. An idea from one of their fans, you can also use this combination lock to keep the others in your household from polishing off the last of your Cherry Garcia, should the… » 5/31/05 8:35am 5/31/05 8:35am

Corporate Fallout Detector

Every consumer has a comfort level when it comes to determining which corporations to purchase goods from and which to fundamentally boycott. Following the general rule that killing puppies should equal a boycott may be a tough concept to grasp, so for the socioeconomically and geopolitically obtuse amongst you, James… » 5/30/05 9:01am 5/30/05 9:01am

Forget-Me-Not Monitoring Panties

Knowing exactly how the young mind of a hormone-crazed male thinks, I'm inclined to make note of the Forget-Me-Not panties, in case I ever have a daughter of my own. "Retailing" for just $100 per, these fictional undergarments will quietly transmit your daughter's, significant other's or confused son's location, heart… » 5/30/05 7:49am 5/30/05 7:49am

In-Wall Wireless Access Point

Going hand-in-hand with his do-it-yourself in-wall touchscreen, Mavromatic shows us a neat little wireless access point by On-Q that integrates a Motorola WAP into a convenient in-wall installation. For roughly $400, (or your least favorite appendage) you get a custom booster antenna and a device that looks like just… » 5/30/05 7:36am 5/30/05 7:36am

E3: Logitech's Forthcoming Gamer Goods

While waiting in line for a remarkably overpriced cheeseburger in the Compass Cafe, I spoke to a rep from Logitech. They mentioned that Logitech will be releasing a new mouse for gamers, along with an updated keyboard set. The mouse will be wireless and laser-based (think MX 1000), and will allow you to ratchet its… » 5/20/05 1:40am 5/20/05 1:40am

Live from E3: N-Gage Emptiness

The fights for available N-Gage kiosks were neither fast nor furious, simply because there were none. Actually, on my second pass through, there were quite a few people playing the N-Gage's, but they were trying their very hardest not to look interested. [C.C.] » 5/19/05 5:33pm 5/19/05 5:33pm